Having a clean and tidy house is almost impossible when you have two or three Jobs, children to take care of, personal things to do, among others. Cleaning companies are not only fast and effective, but they also guarantee are homes are clean.

If you are considering hiring a cleaning company, we recommend you take into account the following:

  1. The cleaning company must be legally incorporated and it must be insured: First of all, you must verify it is a legally incorporated company, which has an accidents insurance coverage, as well as for damage and theft, since during the service providing unforeseen events could take place. Additionally, each person who will carry out the cleaning must be legally hired and insured.
  2. Cleaning fees must be stablished since the beginning: When you request the cleaning service, you must have agreed the total fee for it. It is important to clarify which parts of your house or office need to be cleaned up, and which additional details you would like to add to your service. Be careful when wanting to take advantage of offers since small clauses could include surprises if you don`t carefully read in the beginning.
  3. Cleaning products to be used by the cleaning company: Chemicals for disinfection are often used, therefore it is important that if you have children or pets at home you make it clear since the beginning that these cannot be toxic. It is preferable to demand they use organic products which will not affect your surrounding or your neighbor`s.
  4. Define the hired activities: cleaning companies, usually, are hired per hour, hence we recommend to define the activities which you need to be carried out depending on the number of hours you hire the company for so time is best used to the max. You know better than anyone which are the priorities you want to set in your home or office.
  5. Request references: If the company has been In the market for a while it is important to get feedback on what others have said about their service, you can do it through their website or through others who have hired their services in the past. This will not only help you choose but make you feel more comfortable or confident about your choice.
  6. Compliance warrant: the cleaning company should provide a compliance or satisfaction warrant, not only for the starting and ending of the service hours but also for the hired service, and the potential damages or unfortunate events that may take place.
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We know there are many other factors that can affect your decision when choosing a cleaning company, we hope these seven recommendations work for you and help you choose the one that best fits your need and budget.

Presence on the Internet: If the cleaning company is on the Internet when you search for it in search engines, if it is also present on social networks, if its phone numbers are updated and there is always someone who answers, it is because it is probably a serious company that has consider your image and positioning

At Your Team Clean Corp, we comply with each and every one of the items below and we characterize ourselves for being a trustable and responsible source of quality and excellence thanks to our experience. Get your quote on our cleaning services now.