After building or remodeling there is rubble, paint stains or spots on the floor, residues and tons of dust that on top of making the place look ugly, they can affect people`s health. This is why post construction cleaning is necessary in order to have decontaminated and clean places.

Post construction cleaning focuses on taking away all dust and dirt, since any building or remodeling project, tend to leave behind a significant level of chaos, and generally, people who build or remodel do not include or offer the corresponding cleaning service.

Let`s see which solutions the post construction cleaning service offers:

  • Take out the any plaster residue: around the frames of doors and windows, internally and externally, there tend to be plaster residues, it is necessary to clean them up so the finishing is clean and refined
  • Eliminating dust from all surfaces, from the roof to the floor, and of those places where there is any air flow,
  • Disinfection of all areas in order to remove any type of toxicity generated by any of the tools used during construction.
  • Elimination of paint stains, being extra careful with highly delicate floors as well as with the bases as well as glass surfaces so none are affected during the process
  • Cleaning of closets and all kitchen drawers or any other type of furniture built in the wall so that everything looks perfectly clean
  • Removing of debris, depending on the type of construction there can be plaster, wood or any other type of debris that must be removed.
  • Cleaning and general disinfection: cleaning and general disinfection after removing dust, debris, paint stains, excess plaster, is necessary so the job is 100% well done

As said in the beginning whether it is a remodeling or new project, post construction cleaning is necessary and it is the one that adds the final touch of elegance and quality. This is why at Your Team Cleaning Corp we guarantee this service with highly qualified personnel to respond to your needs. Get your quote now on post construction cleaning service