The place where most people spend most time is their home. Keeping spaces clean helps people feel more comfortable and secure, whereas if the house is dirty, messy, and smelly, nobody would want to be in it, and it can generate sickness, furthermore, infections for everyone.

But to talk about cleaning at home is not just to talk about the daily cleaning routine or the once a week routine, but things such as constantly changing the sponge that dishes are washed with or the towel used to dry your hands after you wash them. Think for a minute, when was the last time you washed the towels or changed the sponge where you wash the dishes?, disinfection is a very important topic.

Tips for kitchen cleaning

• Places where food is stored must remain clean and disinfected

• The refrigerator, stove and microwave should be clean and not allow for food remains to be left in their corners as they can generate the presence of fungus

• Before and after each meal it is recommended to wash all utensils used for eating, never leave dishes in the washer as it calls the attention of insects and rodents

• Kitchen boards tend to store food leftovers, it is not enough with washing them, as they must be throughly washed and even use a brush to clean them out

• Kitchen rags and sponges must be changed constantly in order to prevent faulty smells and infections

Bathroom cleaning tips

• Personal hygiene products, as their name indicates, are for personal use. Each member of the family should have his own toothbrush, soap, towel, razor, among other personal hygiene elements that are for individual use and that should not be shared

• It is very important to wash your hands before and after using the toilet

• It is good to invest in toilet paper that offers a good hygiene and comfort

• Bathrooms should have ventilation, it is recommended for bathrooms to have a window in order to prevent excess moist which may generate the presence of fungus

Bedrooms cleaning tips

Eating in the bedroom is one of the worst mistakes that one can make. Generally, when people eat in their bedroom, there are left overs of food that end up on the floor, attracting insects and rodents.

Taking out dirty clothes. There are people who have a tendency to mix dirty clothes with clean clothes, generating faulty smells

Leaving dirty shoes outside, as they bring in all of the dirt from outside and are one of the wardrobe pieces that represent a higher risk of transporting germs and bacteria

Changing bed sheets, pillow case and blankest frequently since body sweat gets attached to them and generates strong smells

These and other cleaning tips are very valuable when it comes to keeping your house clean, remember that just as clean as your house is, so is your personal hygiene. If you need help, contact us, we are ready to provide you with the best home cleaning service