Sometimes we get used to live in the middle of dust, grease, stains and dirt. This happens because under our eyes everything seems to be clean, but if you come close and look at every element, it is possible that you may feel you need to have deep cleaning done.


But, what does deep cleaning consist of?

It is well know that, due to work rush, study, children or any other type of occupation, objects tend to accumulate a lot of dust, therefore dusting and extra cleaning all surfaces, is one of the main objectives of deep cleaning.

On occasion, sweeping and mopping is not enough, even more when there are carpets in the house, therefore it is more efficient to vacuum, so that all dust can come out of floors and carpets.

On the other hand, bathrooms are one of those places that cannot just be cleaned, but need constant disinfection. Cleaning bathroom mirrors, sinks, counters, drawers, showers, tub and toilets, must be something that is done at least two or three times a month.

Now, kitchens need deep cleaning of the sink, the stove, burners, and counters, so that all grease and dirt comes off, as well as any dust present in these. It is also necessary to carry a deep cleaning of the microwave inside as well as outside, just like the refrigerator and oven.

In addition to this, it is recommended to clean the shades, fans and window frames, since this makes part of the most visual side of the house, just like doors.

A deep cleaning should also include taking the garbage and recycling bin out, replacing their bags and leaving everything sparkling clean.

Once your house, your office, your warehouse or company receive a deep cleaning, you will feel how the environment changes and even colors look brighter.

A deep cleaning will never be an expense but an investment that brings well being and that makes your furniture and all elements have a longer useful life.

Dust and dirt can destroy anything

Even when a lot of people don`t believe it, dust and dirt start damaging everything, deteriorate and destroy things little by little, and it is not enough to clean on the side, what you need is to hire a company that carries out deep cleaning in a professional way. At Your Team Cleaning Corp we are experts in this type of service, quote with us now.